Professional Heavy Duty Dog Martingale Braided Collar with Solid Hand Crafted Rope Leash, Upgrade Eight-Strand Rope with P-Chain Harness pet Leashes for Training, Walking, Jogging & Running Small Dogs




Color: Red+bule


  • Size S, leash diameter 0.47 inch (1.2cm) length 4.6 feet(140cm), Collar length 11.8-16.5 inch (46-60cm),Recommended dog weight 8-22 pounds It is specially designed for small-sized dogs
  • Solid Quality Set Recommended by Dog Trainers and Veterinarians – Pet supply essentials for safe, made of supple mountain climbing nylon braided rope effective for training and everyday walking with style
  • Made with Your Dog’s Comfort in Mind – Collar self-adjusts as pressure is applied to leash, won’t choke your pooch, damage fur or cause tangles and skin irritation
  • Freedom with Control, No more twist and struggle, 360 rotatable connections for easy movement on walks & in dog obedience training class
  • Safe- We care for your pet’s security and safety! No matter you and your dog not like it, no problem, get your money back! or get this new cool leash for your dog today, 100% handmade with neat sewing skills,it’s also a great gift idea!

Details: Innovative and upgraded hyena suit is a good solution to the problem of traditional traction ropes being difficult to pull and collars hurting dogs. Lets you avoid the hassles and frustrations of walking your dog and training. Rugged and flexible, Hand constructed out of 8 braided nylon threads, it can withstand the toughest pull The stainless steel extension collar automatically adjusts to your dog’s movements, providing a comfortable and safe environment that does not cause the dog to suffocate or strain the fur due to sudden movements, ensuring the dog’s comfort. 360-degree rotatable dog chain to prevent twisting and maximum convenience Size L, Reflective, leash diameter 1 inch (2.5cm) length 4.6 feet(140cm), Collar length 18-23.5 inch (46-60cm) ,Recommended dog weight 38-78pounds.designed for large and medium-sized dogs Size M,Reflective, leash diameter 0.7 inch (1.7cm) length 4.4 feet(135cm), Collar length 15.7-19.7 inch (40-50cm),Recommended dog weight 19-39pounds. designed for medium and small -sized dogs Size S, leash diameter 0.47 inch (1.2cm) length 4.6 feet(140cm), Collar length 11.8-16.5 inch (46-60cm),Recommended dog weight 8-22 pounds. designed for small-sized dogs 100% guaranteed quality Now Order the best pet Leash for a comfortable and safe walk with your dog