Operation Scooby Doo’ Rescues 200 Dogs from Abusive Shelter

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The Sheriff’s Department charged Wendy Brewer, owner of Dogs Rock Rescue, with misdemeanor animal cruelty and abandonment. Authorities later added two counts of aggravated animal cruelty, reports WSB-TV in Atlanta.After securing a search warrant, over a dozen law enforcement agencies rescued and examined almost 200 dogs from the facility. According to authorities, the pups were living in “unfavorable” conditions and evidence of “animal neglect and abuse” was present. Brewer is currently in custody and awaiting trial.

Due to the overwhelming number of rescues, law enforcement reached out for help gathering resources for the pups. A public release states that Operation Scooby Doo was named as such because “everyone loves Scooby Doo, and he helps all dogs!” The statement goes on to ask for donations of dog food, toys, blankets, beds, and so on. Furthermore, the statements also gave interested parties information on how to apply to adopt one of the lovely pups.

Fortunately, the Heard County community responded enthusiastically. In just over a week’s time, the number of donations exceeded the department’s needs. Additionally, the department also found forever homes for 30 of the dogs rescued.

According to Heard County Deputy Fire Chief Robert Bell, “OPERATION SCOOBY-DOO has been a huge success, and you helped save over 200 dogs…Thank you so much for all the support and donations to OPERATION SCOOBY-DOO.”