How To Choose The Right Toys For Your Dog

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How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Dog?


Canines are fond of playing and chewing, especially when they are puppies. So, just after you take your pup home for the first time, take care as for best dog toys. Otherwise, he will spoil everything around.

It’s a well-known fact that dogs love to play with the owner, other animals or alone. Games are very important as exercise. They stimulate brain activity and strengthen relationships between group members. Choosing the right dog toys allows making the game safe and interesting.

How to Make a Right Choice?

The choice of toys today is wide enough and it might be difficult to choose the right one. So, which of them to consider when choosing the best one?


If you are choosing playing tools for a puppy with baby teeth, prefer soft rubber models. In another way, he will tend to find what to chew among your personal things. After you passed a teething period, it’s time to move to interactive dog toys. Such products will always keep your pet active and full of energy. When your animals are getting closer to senior age, switch back to softer items.


First of all, pay attention to a toy’s size. It must be appropriate to the breed and age of your canine. A large model will be too tough for a puppy, and a large dog can simply swallow a small toy.

How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Dog?


Safety is another important criteria for choosing the best toy for your pooch. Considering the excitement with which dogs can ruffle objects, it is important to make sure that nothing hurts him. So, the items should be non-toxic. If you choose between latex and rubber, choose rubber as it is more durable.

Types of Dog Toys

It is possible to find many interesting options for pets at any age. Let’s consider the most popular out of them.

Chewable Toys

Chewables are made of latex and rubber with a squeaker. Canines enjoy them due to the fact that when pressed with dog jaws, they emit a squeak. Latex toys are stronger, they last much longer. When chewing them with teeth, the material absorbs and takes on its former shape.

There are playing tools made of durable cast rubber. They are convenient if your pooch likes to chew on something and during the period of tooth change in puppies.

Teeth Cleaning Toys

These are indestructible dog toys made of rubber or special materials. They help to remove a thin coating from the dog’s teeth. From the point of view of cleaning, they are more suitable for prevention. And in form and performance are very interesting.

Toys to Catch up

A variety of bouncing balls are made of rubber, porous rubber or hollow inside. Such tools are good for any age. As a rule, one of them is the most beloved.

Plush Toys

They look like ordinary children’s toys. Dogs love to beat them up or gladly run after them. Such toys usually quickly become worthless, so you need to ensure that no filler or parts of the toy are eaten. When buying, pay attention that it does not contain small plastic parts that can be bitten off.

How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Dog?

Toys with Treats

You need them in cases when it is necessary to interest a dog with this or that toy. For example, it can be used for pooch training. Such toys come in the form of balls of various sizes and in the form of tubes, in which there is the best joint supplement for dogs.

Toys for Pulling

These are toys that can be pulled. As a rule, they are made of rope, leather or durable rubber. The game for dogs is very interesting, coaching grip. Attention! Consider an important nuance: overtightening is possible only after the bite is formed. Otherwise, you will spoil it. The bite of the dog is formed by one and a half years.

Toys for Aporting

That means they are designed to train canines. Such a toy is very convenient to carry in teet. But there are also professional exercises, which are used for competitions. These are special jute sticks, wooden or rubber dumbbells.

How Many Toys Should a Dog Have?

Choosing toys is a serious task. At first, when you do not like the preferences of your puppy, buy several toys of various types. After a while, you will notice which of them is the most battered and chewed up. This dog toy is the one he loves most of all.